Head: Reptile Man WIP

Hi all,

This is my first attempt to use Wings3D. What do you think?



cool! was it easier to do in Wigns than it would have been in blender?

Oh yes, in my opinion it’s by far easier because Wings3D has some really nice tools to cut edges and add new edges/verts. Wings is the best tool for organic modelling I know. But if you want to make something non organic, you should use Blender.


:frowning: Ouch that hurt.

I have to disagree with you there. I’ve found Blender to have the most useful tools for edge/vert manipulation, even Max is missing a few of Blender’s tricks. But this is just my opinion.

Impressed with your Wings modeling skills though, the head is looking good so far, neat concept.

Organic/non organic not sure what you mean in modeling terms.


Hi Sonix,

It’s impossible to add loops in an easy way in Blender. In Wings you have to select one edge, choose the ‘edge loop’ or ‘edge ring’ select tool and you can very easy insert a new edge. You’re right, Blender is a very good modeler, but Wings3d in unbeatable for some aspects. With ‘organic’ I mean lifeforms or something similar. Well, I’m not very familiar with Wings yet, but have you ever seen a video tutorial from Martin Kroll? This guy is a famous 3D Artist and he’s using Mirai, a modeler similar to Wings (a commercial tool) and he’s so incredible fast. You cannot do this in the same way in Blender.

At present I model a car and the mesh is rather complex now. I have to add some additional edges to get some sharp corners in subsurf mode. With Blender this would be a bunch of work, with Wings it’s easy.
In the image I posted here (the head) I had to insert loops wich follow the directions of muscles (usefull for animation), so I had to add a lot of edges around the nose. I need excatly two keystrokes to add one loop in Wings.
There are some other nice things like virtual mirroring, inset and intrude tools, some nice select tools and so on.

Please don’t misunderstand me, Blender is great, but life is sometimes easier with Wings. :slight_smile:


Xtra, no worries.

I think you should check out the Z-Brush demo from pixologic.com if haven’t already.

It wipes the floor with Blender and Wings for ease of use, speed and abilities.

Import and export are disabled in the demo, but it’s fully operational otherwise.