Head Retopology Advice

I sculpted a head awhile back, and I’ve been trying to get it retopologized. I’ve got most of the techniques down, but I need help with one thing that’s really bothering me: Stretched faces. I started the retopology from the mouth, and after continuing the ring around the mouth for awhile, I get a extremely stretched/elongated faces. Since a picture is worth the thousand words I’ve been wasting on an explanation, I’ll save some text and put one here:

Hopefully my sloppy grease pencil outlines convey what I’m talking about, but just in case they don’t: The faces in the blue circles are nice, even polygons. The faces outlined in red are horribly stretched. I’ve already added a sufficient amount of polygons to the mouth area to help with this, so cutting more edge loops probably isn’t the best option here. How can I make these polygons more even?

Have face loop(s) following the jawline and edge loops from the corner of the mouth going more towards the ear, that way the cheeks would be covered with roughly equal size faces. Should then be easier to even the face sizes around the mouth with less additional loops.

Maybe check the loops for the laugh line if you plan to have that in. You might also be adding a loop around the nose, which would change the face sizes a bit.

Thanks for the tip.:slight_smile: I think I know what you mean about the jawline loop. The original sculpt doesn’t have a very visible laugh line, so I may not add that. I’ve worked a little more on the head since I posted this, here’s where it’s at now:

I managed to eliminate some of the stretching with proportional editing, but some faces are definitely still stretched. I’ll add that loop around the jawline and post another picture.:smiley: