Head script

Are there any scripts for creating heads in Blender? One that gives the head teeth?


not that I know of, you could try makehuman though…
(just google it)

Blackboe - you snicker too soon:


And I remember another one from a long time ago… which I can’t find.

CaptainKirk - I’ve never used this script. Let me know if it works for you.



that one went out long ago, I recommend
Makehuman, wait till they connect the two.

…I stand corrected. I stand in awe. XD Wow, who’d have thought, eh?

This is MakeHead:

It’s a very old script (python 2.0.4) but most of it still works with py.2.4.X. (probably the one nharron couldn’t find).

Aagh… it’s the same file he posted. Didn’t think it would still be online!


There’s also the very, very, VEEEERY old Head Creator script, by Sam B. (see screenshots here). You can download it from Blenderwars. It doesn’t work right with 2.3x/2.4x, being as old as it is (it does with 1.8-2.2x, last I tested).

Thanks for your help everyone. Maybe now modeling heads will be a lot easier.