Head sculpt sss skin hair particles

I was looking at the sss tests thread with a nodes system developed by pixelvore and maqs so I started work on this head to try it out.

Sculpt took around three hours I made a time lapse video of myself workin on it when I get the time ill edit it a bit and stick it in youtube or vimeo.

Here’s a screen shot of initial particles for hair, eyebrows and eyelashes and a test render.

Not overly happy with the hair and eyelashes. Short hair is kinda tough, im gonna try and improve it and ill build some sort of scene around this guy.

Nice, nice, nice. Sculpting a head like that is something I have wanted to try, do you know any good online tutorials? That time lapse video would be nice to see too when you get it up and going. I like the model a lot tho. Are you planning on making the rest of his body?

Wow, this is really nice – I like the stylization, can’t wait to see the timelapse!

For the eyebrows you might want to make them longer and let them also follow a path/curve. Normally brows behave much like any other “functional” hair: they redirect sweat from the forehead around the eyes. So they might just start, go up and then to the exterior of the face.

Thanks for the feedback guys, I’m pretty busy with assignments at the moment but i’ll try and get that time lapse up as soon as I can. Iv’e been shaping the particles with the edit function in particle mode, shaping them and getting them to look half way decent at render time is tricky. For the moment here’s a skinhead test.

I’m gonna work some more on my textures, I think the skin is a bit to fresh looking for the model’s age. I will do some more experiments with the hair plus I have a bit of an idea for a theme so we will see how that turns out.

Hey i know youve already sculpted, and onto texturing and working with the hair, but your proportions for the head are alittle off. It took me a while to realise but when you look at your image it looks a little unnatural. Its because the forehead is too small, the eyes should be halfway up the face where as in your model they are at the top.

Here’s a little update, i’ve decided to make this guy late 16th century a little in the style of El Greco hence the lace dollie around his neck.

Still a lot of tweaking work to do. With regards the proportions MidgetMike, modeling was on the fly no photo refs where used so there could be something in what you say. Although if you look at the screen grab you’ll see that the centre of eyes are roughly 7 units from the chin and 7 from the top of the head. The camera lens value is set at over 70 in the render and maybe that combined with camera angle could be giving that sense of distortion.

I think you need to increase the density of the hairs. Especially the eyebrows look too weird. Overall a good model. It would be interesting to see your sculpt video, I love sculpting as well.

You definitely lost some of that awesome starting expression in there somewhere, that last shot makes him look like he’s just got a skewer stabbed in his arse.

I could draw out some lines but I don’t have my tablet pc so you’ll have to wait. Also, texture that guy’s face and see about that sss, it looks good, but it takes out practically all his detail and makes him look waxy.

Hair density needs to be increased, especially his eyebrows, which are too short, unless he shaves them with his hair, that is…

I was away at the weekend so didn’t get a chance till tonight to make any more progress on this, I’ve improved the skin quite a bit and the hair. It’s a bit closer to what I would like but there’s still plenty to do. He hasn’t removed that skewer from his ass yet:rolleyes:

This will be one of my final head tests. I’ll probably tweak the skin a little bit more, i’m happier with the hair, not too much more work to do on it. In the final image i’m thinking of an interior stained glass windows, gonna begin work on it and some upper body clothing.


your head does not look bad, very characteristical. The model is well done, but the texture of the skin looks a bit to smooth. So he looks a bit lifeless and like made of wax. I would add some beauty patches, pickle or some of this kind to the skin and change the tones a bit, for example a bit more red at the nose. A bump-map with wrinkles would also help.
The hair and beard look well done, maybe it stops a bit abrupt, but thats not a real problem. Hope you go on tweaking, it has a lot of potential!

so long