Head Sculpting Critique!


I know it’s not exzact replica of her look, but how is it? What can I do to better match the original?

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It looks like you are on to a good start…
Ok here goes…

Eyes look like they need to be sunken in a bit more notice the strong shadowing…
The right eye looks a bit larger, more open… could be a bit of camera distortion…
Nose a bit later on the tip…and notice the slight cleft…
The mouth is straighter with a slight down-turn on the outside. Perhaps it is also a bit wider pushing the creases more towards the bottom of the ears…
and I think it is time to disable the mirror if using…and start on the differences in the R&L side as no face is a mirror image, and only has symmetry.

I made adjustments to the sculpting head. Changed nose tip, changed mouth, changed eye size. I tried breaking symmetry. Making it asymmetrical.

I shaped it up more. Sunk in the eyes more.

I think you just about got it…but it looks like the nose is a bit broad now compare it to the picture…it is a bit smaller in the nostrils and thinner in the bridge area…
Now it is just a matter of those little tweaks …like the difference in the Right crease compared to the left…as it tends to curve out away from the mouth corner and the left curves in towards it…
You did a good job on getting the mouth to look like the picture, spot on I believe!

Here is some more changes. Nose, right and left creases.

Agree with RE
Agree with REShelers comments. – a pretty good start. better than most. and you’ve already made some changes I was gonna recommend.
One huge point - when you’re asking for crtique of a head mesh, ALWAYS include a profile. Invaluable for correcting facial geometry. Vital !
one of the biggest shortfalls between your work and your reference is the mouth/mandible and chin-tip region.
the area needs pulled forward. Currently the boney area with the upper teeth above the lip is too recessed under the nose. You can see that from shadowing. Picture a beer mug. thats the physical shape of mandible and chin region. Including the gentle curve of the mug. Tha means the your lips follow the curve of the bony mass underneath.
But I couldn’t replicate it purely through photo chopping.

I did more work on it. I tried to fix those areas you said.

here face is much more flat. nose backward and mouth forward. Also the forehead is more flat than your model in my opinion. The nose hase also a huggle. The center of here eyes need more distance and should be smaller. One more thing is that i would model the face and head more correctly before doing the hair. Keep in mind that you can cut and reorient the refpic more symmetric in gimp ore something else and use it as background or reference image.
Have fun and keep it on. :slight_smile:

attached are some reference shots from anatomical skull with muscle overlays.

I think from the nose bridge up it looks more like your reference pic. nose creases naturally shaped up when you pulled the mandible area forward.

two areas to tackle next, I recommend the jaw first and then the eyeballs.
The underlying jawline needs to be wider and squarer. Not a lot but it needs a bit of breadth.

And the eyeballs (if the’re seperate from the eye region) need moved outward towards the outer corner. currently they’re too tight to one another.