Head sculpting sketchbook

I finally got a bit time to dig into sculpting with a tablet.
Female head from scratch as an excercise.
Feedback appreciated.


I can see you went a bit fast with the details. I stay quite long on low resolution to correct proportions and the overall look.

The shape of the head looks a bit beaten up and not smoothly head shaped. Around the ears there are some turbulences with going in and out. The proportions of the face overall are looking fine to me but i would recommend watching this:

he also has a female version if you prefer it.

Thanks for the tips and link.
I guess you are right with rushing to the details.
Still getting used to sculpting in blender. The controlls and tablet and all. Quite a lot to get used to. Patient blocking out is the way to go for me. I sometimes rush because I have limited time and several things to work on.
Anyway…baby steps.
I will definitely watch the video.

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Jeah in the beginning basics are the most important thing. Not as fun as details but the end goal will be better.

Not sure what you use but i would stick to voxel remesh and not dyntopo. Thats easier for a beginner in my opinion. You should take like an hour to practice thats all you need in the beginning. My aim was doing characters so i made bust and detail studies like hands, chest and also face features like ears.

As a first try to get comfortable with the tablet this is very good.