Head Sculpts

OK, So I can sculpt most things pretty well but when I try to do a head sculpt it turns out like this, any isdeas on what I am doing wrong, what I should improve on, etc…

Thank you



The only wrong thing i m seeing with your sculpt is you are bored quickly. When i look at your model i say good start, you have just to go deeper pay attention anatomy, get some reference pictures, look at others sculptor’s work, you just have to practice, practice and practice.

I added some more detail and re-rendered it, I am going to try and do another sculpt but with some reference images this time.

Heads are notoriously difficult to sculpt well. It can be frustrating.

Take it in stages: first rough out the overall shape of the skull, neck and shoulders. Then put in rough shapes for the nose, cheeks, brows, etc.

Don’t move on from one stage to the next until you are completely satisfied with your earlier work. This is the hard part.

Now, by ‘rough’ I don’t mean sloppy. Rough work simply lacks details, but the proportions and mass must be accurate.

For example: in your work in this thread, you should have made absolutely sure you were done with the jaw masses and proportions before you moved on to modeling the mouth. I suspect that’s one of the things you aren’t exactly pleased with, because it doesn’t quite look like there is enough room for his teeth inside that mouth.

It looks like you have smooth shading on, I would turn that off - as I understand it, it doesn’t do a good job of smoothing organic surfaces without messing up how it interacts with light, you’d be better off just sculpting with a finer brush (assuming you are using dyntopo).

I would make an effort to set up a decent lighting rig so that you can see the forms of your work better. A simple 3 point system with some complimentary hues for each light would help define everything. Right now it’s just too dark.

Agree with this! Even when I actively think about this principle when working it is easy to move on too soon to finer details.

I made a lighting system with three lamps, all the same intensity, each 120 degrees away from each other (around a circle with the model in the center). One was yellow, one was cyan, one was magenta. Boy howdy did that show up surface irregularities. I would never do a beauty render with that set up, but for modeling it was great.

OK, so this time, I did a new sculpt with my reference being Hugh Laurie (Dr. House) I tried to pay more attention to proportions and form rather than small details.

Is this better? Crits?

Try this: Hugh Laurie desaturated, posterized, blurred, posterized again and blurred again. I tried to get the lighting to show the planes on his face, and remove all the detail while keeping the overall shape.

That dark shadow on his lip (where it’s not just the ordinary shadow cast by the nose) is the beginnings of a mustache.

OK, Ive been working with some other people to improve it, not near done but this is progress.

Been doing a bunch more sculpting and now I am attempting another bust sculpts, this time Jason Stratham. I am trying to make sure everything is correct at each level of subdivision before moving on, this is my start.



That seems like a much more believable head than the one you made just a few days ago. Good job. :slight_smile:

yes, great progress! watch the ears, they need angle about 30-45 degree from head…

more improvements.

OK, so I think that I am done with this sculpt for now, next onto retopo and texturing. Thoughts?