Head Study 02

So I’m working on my sculpting skills. This one is about an hour of work. Let me know how I can improve. Thanks.


A very worthwhile hour, apparently. the proportions look real good, except the size of the eyes in relation to the width of the face. An average face is five eye widths. With the width of one eye between the eyes. Your work is about 4.5 eyes wide.
Which seems too narrow for a face that strongly boned. So therefore its the eyes which are a "bit too large. al;though the shape of lids is very good, I wouldn’t change that. Plus I wouldn’t bring the eyes any closer together.

either that or add a bit more thickness to the cheekbone region (zygomatic arch)

All in all, I really like the shape

and the facial forms and planes are good to go. and throw in 2 more angle shots
A profile
and a shot from underside looking up at the jaw.

this really looks fantastic !!!

Thank you so much for you input!

Here are those pictures. I’ve honestly just started to explore sculpting the forms of the face. I’ve kinda been stuck on basic shapes for a bit. So I’ll just make the eyes smaller?

Thank you, I’ve been working hard on my sculpts!

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well, there;s no other way to do sculpting. its like lifting weights. If you don’t lift you don’t get strong. But if you do you will. In fact lifting is a type of sculpting.

Looking at your profile i see the back of the skull is not properly shaped.

attached is a general proportions guide. again the details and shape of your facial forms is great. you only have to square up the jaw line and raise the back mass of the skull GEN_HeadProportions.pdf (1.3 MB)

Ohh, … one other tip, its always better to sculpt with a head mesh with a neck and partial shoulders. It provides a better setting for the work and is better for assessing …

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Oh yeah. I think I got too focused on all the little details of the face. I’ll have to slow down and make sure I get the the cranium and jaw placed and shaped before I start getting into fine details. Thank you so much again. I’ll take everything you said and do another sculpt tomorrow and post it.

Just a recommendation - but I’d get a skull model. i tried to post mine but it won’t upload. So get a skull model, you can get one blendswap. And append it into your blend scene. Orient the skull in proper angle with your head mesh and see how your facial bones align with the skull, by turning on and off the visibility of head mesh.

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Alright, will do. Thanks!

Also regarding your comments about being too focused on the face. Uhh, that’s Really well done … Actually amazingly well done. Now you only have to work on the trunk of the car and under side of the frame, so to speak …

An alibi, regarding making the eyes smaller - Try it. It may or may not look better. But experimentation is worthwhile purely from the sense of being “brave enough” to move head verts and shapes around.
You can always make a copy to experiment with and try stuff … that way you don’t trash your original