Head study

I’ve been working on heads for quite at bit, mainly just one head though. I’ve redone my head from scratch at least 8 times, and I have several versions of the same files. I think I have gotten the concepts down but I would like some feedback.
Things to note are that I am still working on the hair, trying to find the correct transparency. I do not have reference images for the rest of the body yet, and I have not made UV maps for the face. At the moment I have just plain blender materials, so it doesn’t look so inhuman.

http://img184.imageshack.us/img184/9542/newme5nc8.th.jpg I’m not quite sure why this is giving me a seam, it doesn’t like the placement of my verts I’m guessing.

watch proportions !

not bad at all, but some things seems a bit off place. eye in particular are too high i think

The proportions match the reference images, however I just realized that when I took the picture my head was looking down. :frowning: Now I either need new images or try to adjust without them. Thanks for your comments.