Head (texturing/lighting) ..Slow progress

I modelled this head (based on a set of reference images at 3d.sk) about a year ago, but it fizzled out at the texturing stage. Rather than dig up the old thread I thought I’d produce a new wip thread, and hopefully pick some brains about texturing/lighting. I’m especially keen to get to grips with material/compositing nodes and render layers.

I hope to get as realistic as I can with this. That means having sss, using a global illumination solution and producing good diffuse/specular/bump maps for the skin.

Exhbiit one is my first attempt (using Yafray) at a scene lit only with a HDRI map. The eyes are OK for now, but the eyelashes, which are on alpha planes, are not shadowing properly.


Earlier testing using Blender’s internal renderer yielded better results (top one is using the default sss solution, and it looks like I forgot to turn on ‘receive transparent shadows’ on the skin)…


I’ll post my progress as I go, and hopefully learn a thing or two in the process. I think that proper texturing and lighting are the key to the suspension of disbelief in images like this. I appreciate that it’s a tall order, but i’m going to give it a go.

Note: All textures used are very early wips. My main concern is integrating a realistic lighting solution.