Head texturing

This is the first head i’ve made and i’m trying to figure out how to make the lips look good. they look like someone is really bad a putting lipstick on.http://www.geocities.com/lmgow/lipshead.jpg Please give ideas! oh yeah, by the way this is just the model so don’t go saying how the head looks bad.

Is that with UV?


The second part of this tutorial might help.

Well, it can work without UV also!
Do you have the Subsuf-option “optimal” ticked? If not, I suppose you do. Head modeling will be ways easyier this way. If you maybe model the Lipps with a few more vertices, have the “optimal” mode ticked and take a color wich is similar to the rest of the face-texture (I would suggest you take the Skin-material you used and change the main- color in a minimal way more red…) - you can do that without UV. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Oh, btw, for moddeling the lipps, I would delete some vertices where the mouth Is supposed to be and than extrude the whole border a few times! :smiley:

also in subsurfs w/ optimal on you can select the verts around your lips and sharpen the edges (shift-e)to your like and that will lessen the amount of material bleeding you will probably have to re-shape your lips afterwards

Reminds me of my first attempt, can you show some vertex please ?

Thanks everyone i’ll try that!