Head that started as Cube

Couldn’t help but notice the cube post… :o

Anyway, out of nowhere I find the motivation to start a head. I am taking a figure illustration course at school, and have been learning a bit about anatomy and thought I could put it to use. Also I feel I learn even more by constructing the masses in 3d as well as on paper. Below is simply what came of trying to make the different parts. It is not meant to represent anybody, or be realistic in any way… Illustrative if anything. In any case, it’s a WIP.



I know, there are nostril issues.

Beautiful, very interesting head.


Excellent work. Very artisitic impression. I like it a lot.

I am glad you didn’t go too realistic with it. There is too much of that in CG now a days, (IMO anyway), and it is always nice to see different takes on what is real.


Great start ! :smiley: