Head Topology


This is the first time I’ve tried high poly modelling, I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips/critique.


I was also wondering how I’d go about displaying my topology in a better way than edge select in edit mode

Looks pretty good. I would give him a bit more depth to his inner ear though. I don’t know about the indented eyes.

Topology is looking great, aside from the ear. The stitching of the ear to the head is pretty nasty, the topology in the ear itself is looking a little off as well.

As per the paint-over attached:

  • I’d raise the E pole up a little by the brow to get it away from a frequently animated area, you’d notice it more on the end of the eyebrow than you would on forehead wrinkles.
  • The base of the top of the ear generally lines up with the center line of the eyes.

Other than that you’re golden :slight_smile:

EDIT: oh, and to display wires, you can go into weight paint mode, look under the “Paint” panel and click the “wire” button, then switch back to object mode. (At least, that’s how I do it in 2.49)


your topology seems to be nice and clean except the ear which needs a bit of work but the proportions seem to be a bit off. so i also did a small paint over showing 4 little proportional guidlines

1.the ear should line up with the eyebrow and the nose (blue)
2.the upper eyelid is slightly in front of the lower forming a line which lines up with the corner of the mouth (red)
3.the corner of the mouth lines up with the middle of the eye (green)
4. the nose is more or less as wide as the eye

hope i could help


http://img28.imageshack.us/img28/7041/proportionchangesside.png http://img521.imageshack.us/img521/3209/proportionchangesfront.png

Tried to make the proportion changes, I think my references are scewed. Haven’t touched the ear yet. Which tutorials would you recommend on the subject?

You might consider changing the topology below the lips a bit so you don’t have so many poly’s right there since it might be a pain to change anything there, but it might not matter much since we have the proportional edit tool.