Head Tut!

Hello Blender buddies.
Yes I know you guys probly get this a lot, and I’m sure it’s been answered somewhere WAAAAAAAYYYYY in back of the forums lol! unfortunately I really don’t have much time since it’s pretty late as it is >.<

Simple question, can any of you guys post any links to any really good, easy to understand, head tutorials? All I’ve been able to do in terms of heads is lizard heads and the sort, and I REALLY want to make the transition from lizard and reptile-like heads, to human heads. Oh, also any human Body tutorials would definetely be very helpful.

Well, I’m off to sleep now since tomorrow I still have to wake up early for my finals >.<

Later Blender heads :slight_smile:

here’s a good one by torq

Here’s one for a complete body:


That face tutorial by Torq would be a great candidate for a Blender tutorial video. It’d be nice to see a step-by-step visual of not only the edgeloop technique, but modeling the mouth and ear as well.

Although I’m not really ready to get into stuff like this just yet, I’ve always been curious as to how someone goes about (in any modeling package) rigging a face to control and animate facial expressions, not only so you can create whatever expression is needed, but to also have the face deform in a natural manner doing so.

there is also mine based on torq’s one but in box modeling style.

There’s one right here on elysiun.com in the tutorials section.