Head-up Display


The following image shows a Head-Up Display (HUD):

The candy-coloured blue glass display transparency is the objective. The trouble starts when I have to move and rotate the camera throughout an animation. The HUD uses hooks, which facilitate moving the HUD as shown in the following video:

If I parent the HUD to the Camera, then when the Camera rotates, the hooks no longer allow the HUD panel to move up and down, relative to the Camera.

To get around this, I tried creating two scenes, each with its own RenderLayer:

This has created a few problems:

  • The candy coloured glass is no longer the same, as the deep rich blue colour is gone (probably because the “Mix” of colours is too simple of a composite). http://i.imgur.com/5cfpw.png
  • The planet’s texture map used for the Normals no longer applies (I think I have to use a UV Map node).

The basic concept is that the HUD is always displayed first, regardless of the Camera’s location or rotation. The HUD is a semi-transparent object with moving parts.

How would you accomplish this task, or resolve these issues?

Thank you!

By applying the RenderLayer twice (once for colour, once for mix), the desired output is obtained: