head update!

(bmax) #1


what do you think, is he any better?

i find him much more lovable than the previous ones.

(MadMesh) #2

I think the jaw is too big and the eyes are too high. The nose looks pretty good. You should add some eyebrows and place the eyes deeper in their sockets. The upper lip should curve outward a litlle at the end and it wouldn’t hurt to shape the chin some more. The mouth should be closer to the nose and the general shape of the skull seems a bit off.

That is if your going for the realistic human head look, right now it looks a bit like those head statues on easter island.

I looks pretty good for a head model i know its hard trust me. You could also try to give the head an expression, it gives the head more character. :smiley:

(bmax) #3

thanx for the tips, madmesh! i really appreciate it! thumbs up for you…wheres the thumbsup icon when you need it?! :smiley: