Head update..

heres an update of my first ever head ive done, this is the first thing ive tried to texture. but its coming along


The model is very good but the texture, er, isn’t :-? It is to smooth to be a human skin. If only you could make a stucci texture over it with a very tiny bunomap perhaps it would look better. The eyebrow’s are amazing btw :smiley:

Microserf, If you want to update a thread, just change the title in your first post. But don’t make a new thread!

In other words, go to your original thread and edit your first post, you’ll notice that there’s a title bar - just add updated to the title or something. Then make a new “post” in that thread with your updated image. :wink:

As for your model, You need to attach the lips to the rest of the face. The same goes for the eye lids as well. Otherwise, it’s looking pretty good for your first head model.

Good job for a first head, but the lips are pretty weird. I know they’re very hard to master but they’re essential. Are you using UV Mapping? You need to if you want it to look good. If you are going to, finish m0deling it first.

The eyelids are weird too, they’re another area that’s hard to do. But keep at it and you’ll succeed.

You can see some of my heads in my avatar. :slight_smile: