Head UV unwrap problem

Hi guys,

i try sculpting mode in blender but i forgot unwrap head before it and now it doesnt work correctly. I have no any experience with unwraping and i need this work to school. I “fight” with this problem 2 day but with any success. Can you help me? Is there some way or i will must start again?


thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, I hope it’s not to late

Well i’m very new with blender, but I think you can do (in edit mode with your faces selected) : U/Smart UV project

That will do an automatic unwrap of your model. Then you can paint it with your favorite painting software (I think you can even do it in blender ?).

Or if you want an automatic unwrap more professional, you can do it in Z brush with UV master

I gave a look to your model, and noticed that you applied your subsurf/multires modifier, giving then your mesh so many faces that the unwrap code will always have big difficulties to make a clean unwrap.

a solution if you don’t have anymore your work from before you made the mistake of applying the modifier :
-Go to Object mode
-Add a Decimate modifier, set it to “Un-Subdivide” and increase the iteration to 6, then apply it

  • In Edit mode select all , press CTRL+E -> Clear Seams
  • Now select the edges you want to make as seams and CTRL+E -> Mark Seams

From there the unwrap will be easier for the Blender unwrapper and will be clean.

That’s something to remember : always unwrap before applying any subsurf/multires modifier to avoid that problem