Head...what...anything wrong with that?

(bmax) #1

Heres my first head that actually looks ANYTHING close to a human…or any living creature on this planet…

here goes:
i know, the render sucks, doesnt show much detail, so heres another one:
not any better, too bad for you.

(seval) #2

As long as it’s not a self portrait , not a bad start. A little bit long and needs more definition to the lips.If it is a self porttrait then I am deeply sorry. Really.

(bmax) #3

no, im not that ugly… :stuck_out_tongue:

(wewa_juicyb) #4

hey b-max, I don’t know whether this has ever occurd to you or not but… most people have a forhead :smiley: you seem to have left yours out, lol! It’s a very good attempt though and I don’t think I can say that i’ve produced any heads that are better looking. nice work.


(blengine) #5

thats amazing for first heads… my first heads werent near as good… i thought i could model a head on a flat plane first then wrap it around, BOY WAS I WRONG!!!

(bmax) #6

im sorry this guy’s so ugly…i tried to give hime a forehead, that worked, but stuff is beginning to fuck up. i need to replace some faces, because there are unnecessary errors in the mesh itself, which i want to ommit as good as i can.

oh, and one reason might be that i didnt use any reference…a mistake? nah, i meant to do it without, i was never planning on making a real head when i started, it was supposed to be a BESM type character…but then i changed that.

(bmax) #7

hey ya bastards, heres an update: