Head wip (updated)

Just started on this about 30 to 40 minutes ago. I’m trying to get as relistic as possible, so please, harsh crits :slight_smile: As it’s for a high quality film project.
Btw, some info on the film can be found at my forums at http://www.fragfiles.org/~shadowdr/forums/viewforum.php?f=11 It’s basicly just starting out, but we are moving along quite nicely.

well… so far, the ears look WAY too big, and the face looks a little flat…
I can’t really tell for sure without a wireframe, but it doesn’t look set very well for animating.

those ears look pretty good though… just shrink 'em to fit right and they’ll be great!

The forehead is a bit too high and nose is too strait. And I do agree that the ears are too big, the upper part of the ear gives it a Dumbo effect, the folds in the ear also seems to be of. Also the face is sqare you can see it clearly on the picture from the side. It’s hard to give any good comment on 30-40 min work, since you probably have not done much shaping of the face, most of the mentioned flaws are relatively easy to fix, but the ear needs a lot of atention, some mug shots of people from the side might help.

Done quite a bit more work on it :smiley:

I think it’s a pretty good start. It just needs to be readjusted as more of the head is done. As mentioned by the others, the face is too flat. Your model still has a distinct front and side, whereas real heads just sort of wrap around.

For the animation part, I’m no expert, but I’m sure if you post wireframes, there will be, many here who can help you with tweaking the face loops.

Good work so far.


Males have a forhead that slopes quiker backwards, the forhead of the model would be good if it was female. The face is still a bit sqarish, seting eyes slightly deeper in and giving it some cheekbone might give it some depth. The noce and ears deffinitevly look better now.

Here’s a wire.

I think the ears need more ridges. Too big of a flat area.
![www.kprf.ru/clipart/ misc/ear.jpg](www.kprf.ru/clipart/ misc/ear.jpg)

Another update :smiley:

hmmm - I must say I don’t like it. It would be fine if you don’t mark that it has to be realistic. First of all what references are you using and the second - can you show wireframe without subsurfs.

The back of the head isn’t right. The skull is bigger on top than on the bottom (if that made any sense). The back of the head should look sort of like a question mark in the side view.

I think the chin is too long/high. In sideview it isn’t that noticable, but in front view it is.

Just as kroopson, I’d like to know what references you are using, and if you are using it as a background image. Having an image on the background, of yourself for example :), helps very much in getting the proportions right.

Are you using references at all? I like not using references sometimes because it bores me, but if you want top quality work that looks good you just need it.

It’s hard to model something realistic without any references. It really is.

The head is a bit too narrow. Looks like he has sustained some sort of trauma to the back of his noggin. I think you really, really, really need to use a reference. Or, just take a picture of someone’s head from a bunch of angles and lay the prints out on your desk or couch or table or where ever you are when you work.

I am using refs. But I have been unable to find straight side and front refs. There all at a angle. So that makes it harder.

Sorry, I sounded far too harsh. It does look fairly reasonable from the front.

Have a look at TorQs exelent face tutorial here:

You could probably learn something about edge loops, yours don’t seem to be quite there.

Again, it’s not that bad, sorry I made it sound like that.

No problem Monkeyboi. Another update btw.