Head WIP

My friend and I are planning to do an animation together, hopefully, so right now we are putting together the characters and everything. This is my first real UV map, so it took me a while to finish and I can use any tips I can get. Here’s the head right now. It’s pretty much in it’s final stages, just needs some tweaking up and stuff. So I’m asking for some suggestions. My friend, watchthis, I believe his name is, modeled the head. I was aiming for a semi-realistic head, not too fake, but not too real. Here it is:

What I do know about the head that I don’t need criticism about:

  • The eyes don’t look real, those aren’t done and won’t be finished until the rest of the head is finished.
  • The lip color is slightly off
  • He’s bald…we are planning to put a helmet on him so don’t fuss about that.
  • There are some spots on the lip. I’ll have to work on getting rid of those later.

My main needs are with the texture itself. Some of the main things I would appreciate some advise about are the beard and eyebrows. I’ll be happy to hear any other advise as well whether on what to fix and/or how to do it.

Thanks bunches,


the only thing I see wrong with it is the eyebrows

yeah the eyebros are weird, send all the hairs in the same direction, should fix it.

So that’s it? Is the skin color and everything good? I’ll work on the eyebrows sometime and post a new image. I was having some problems with stretching in the UV map so it was a little difficult to do the eyebrows at first. Hopefully this time I’ll get them right. Still would appreciate advice and criticism.

Edit: I redid the eyebrows, but I’m thinking I’ll have to give them yet another go. They don’t look quite right, maybe they just aren’t think enough or something. Or maybe they are too wavy this time? The position on the left one is off some too. I’ve tried to bump map them some to make them stick out, but it doesn’t seem to be working all that great. Any Ideas? I’ll post a small image of my bump map for you guys to see if there is anything wrong with it. It might be the colors.

The skin is looking great to me too. If it’s good enough for you depends on what your aims are. Personally, (and I don’t claim to know much about materials in Blender or elsewhere) I think the skin is good enough for a game, but slightly to dull for an animation. Maybe you should have look at some skins at the Blender Open Material Repository or read the last part of this 3DS tutorial (PDF) at Computers Arts. It’s possible that tutorial is too realistic for your project.

BTW: Typically, eyebrows are narrowing off laterally. So, maybe you should modify them just a little.

/ Mats

noo!!! the eyebrows are worse in the second image!! I told you bushy eyebrows! lol jk. I like the vein you put in his head. You need to make that scar on his cheek whiter. Ill edit it myself eventually. Mat Halldkin gave a good website for our skin textures and stuff. 3 more dudes to go!

Ya, I know they’re worse in the second image. The resolution is better, but they look worse. I’ll just let you give it a go. I think the skin needs some more texturing with like bump and stuff, it seems too smooth. Also another friend suggested that we add wrinkles into the forehead. I think most people have them there. I’m giving this a break right now, do some other stuff for a while then maybe come back. Once you give me those other meshes, I can start them.

Hey nadaklan, nice work so far, have you thought of maybe just using Particle Hair for the eyebrows? (I didn’t read through the whole thread, sorry if it has already been mentioned)

We actually are trying to avoid particles. I know how to use them, I just don’t know how to fit them into our shape keys…