Well, I had some spare time at work so I thought I would “practice modeling”. This is my second attempt at a head, and I expect to re-visit it on my own time in the near future. C&C appreciated.


Nice start. You seem to have too many loops thoiugh. That is why you have sort of a square/harder edged ridge around the cheek and nose area. You can try doing a BEAUTY SMOOTH of that area to soften it up though.

Can you post a wire so we can take a look?


here ya go BgDM. I took out an edge loop in the cheak, and got the new render and wireframe for ya. I’m trying to get better at this so C&C appreciated


edit: I had a hell of a time figuring out how to do the nose…

another little update.


It stills eems a little blocky in the cheek area. Have you looked at TorQ’s facial modelliong tute in Blender General Forum? If not, you can see it here ->


You have the basics down. A nice clean mesh to work from, (i.e good quads and not trias). But take a look at that tute and go on from there.

Very good progress so far.


Thanks BgDM, that will help alot.

Well, I’ve had a few spare hours at work to work on this. I’m pretty pleased with it (my second attempt at a face). I still have some work to do on the lips and the top of the head… and the ear of course… Anyway, let me know what you think.


well, I did some work on the lips and the top of the head. The top of the head is still kinda bumpy… but hey… some people have bumpy heads. I did some quick teeth and eyes to kinda get a better feal. I made a few adjustments to BgDM’s skin shader, and I think it looks pretty good… poor guy just needs ears and a neck now.


It is looking really good. I really like his nose:).

looks good! :slight_smile:

but could you add a lamp because it’s a bit dark.

Its looking great. I really like the skin texture but it does look a bit bumpy. I agree with job. Adding a lamp would really help

There are several ways you could fix the top of the head. Select faces and choose smooth in the mesh editing buttons (F9) or grab verts and play around with the proportional editing tool, using smooth hills (press O-Key in edit mode).

So far, it’s a great first head. You might wanna try out the Makehuman Sub-Surface Scattering Script (MHSSS) for added visual effects. Just search the forums, it’s easy to use and renders really quick!