As a test for a project i’m working on, I created a figure in the latest release of make human and made a colour and normal map for the face. I am very pleased with the result as this is only one evening’s work. One of the great things with the make human meshes is that the uv mapping is already completed, for me at least, that saves alot of time and hassle.


As you can see, there is still some tweaking required and i have not used partices for hair and stubble, but the character i’m working on is going to be wearing a helmut and visor so i’m not to bothered about that for the time being… and of course i’ve been inspired by the portrait posted by alt_ligury.

You created it in an hour with… Makehuman. That’s because it’s makehuman. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, for texture painting it’s pretty nice, but he could do with some more variation. A couple discolourations, also a specular map for the bridge of his nose, his cheeks, and his forehead. Try brighter light and a colour ramp to give the skin a little more life, too.

wht’s makehuman??? is it free? someone please give the link…

This is an awesome program. Very easy, i just wish they would hurry up and update the thing, but its cool none-the-less

Anuraag, you know what ‘google’ is for, right? XD

Why do you guys bother to give some-one too lazy to open Google the link? Especially since his only concern seems to be money…

Seeing as this has been created with MakeHuman, I can’t judge the model itself. The texturing is nice, though. Not perfect, but nice. A good start, at least if you’re new at this :wink:

well, i just saw it TODAY…

someone comes across something, doesn’t know what it is, so does what most humans instinctively do - ASKS about it. Someone else comes across the curious little kid with a question and again does what most humans do - HELPS him out. Now why would ANYONE have a problem with that? Aren’t we all here to help each other out in one manner or another?

Thank you, Ambrose.

That looks just like you pal, Without the spikey pink hair though. Guess your still working on that.