http://www.flickr.com/ Here is my WIP head. I made it form the tutorial at the beggining of Introduction to character animation. I am still proud of it though because that tutorial was very basic and I made the materials my self. The materials are all procedural. I know I should probably get a color nor and spec map but I am to scared of uv unwrapping. I’ve been working on this off and on for a while. The fuzzy effect was achieved by a very simple composite node set up. All coments and criteques are very welcome. Please critique so I can know how to get better. I have been using blender about a year now.http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2036/1752243213_ec4eebcf41_b.jpg

Don’t be afraid of unwrapping. For starters save a copy of the head and unwrapp that one this way you won’t loose anything. For an easy copy simply open the save dialog (F2) and then press +. This will add a digit to your blend file name or if you allready have a digit there it will increase it by one soe a file name head_1.blend will become head_2.blend. It is like versioning from within blender.