Hello all. :slight_smile:

I’ve not done any real modelling with Blender in a LONG time, so today I decided to work on a little project. It’s not completely done yet, but here’s my first Human head:



I’m not exactly certain what the topology for a human head is supposed to be like, so can I get some C&C please? Thanks for your time! :yes:

Edit: Sorry for the shine, and large pictures.


We have ears! :yes:


Except for some final tweaking and materials, it’s finished. (And maybe a little more tweaking…)

wow those are some big ears. as a traditional artist, i’ve found that if you align the top of the ear with the eyebrows, and the bottom of the ear with the tip of the nose, it looks more proportional.

the eyes look a tad small. the nose and mouth look great tho. good work overall :slight_smile:

Hello Mr. Ward. Thanks for taking the time to look this over!
I’m a big fan of your work, if I may so gush. I just watched all of your videos on youtube last night. :slight_smile:

I’ll try what you suggested, and see how it looks.

well thank you :slight_smile:

good, i look forward to seeing it

not bad at all .very nice:yes: how much did it took you to do it?
and from what type of mesh did you start from?:eek: (cube. sphere,…)

It took a little less than two hours, and I started with a Plane.


One thing to keep in mind is that the distance between most peoples’ eyes is the same as the width of one eye. Yours looks to be a little further than that at the moment.

This is a fine start. One thing that I have found helpful is to google “Human head proportions” you will find a bunch of drawing sites. They are very helpful to get the proportions correct.

The eyes are a bit small and there should be one eye width in between. Also the cheek is a bit sunken. Some skull reference shots may help you envision what is under the skin.

Overall you have done very well for a first try.

Are you working from a reference photo or is this from memory?

If you want to make really great skin here is a link that will help.
Skin with multilayered sss experiment

I used a photo reference, but pretty much only to tweak from, not to model from. (I couldn’t get it aligned right.) However, that IS the same distance between the eyes as in the picture, as far as I can remember.

I’ve tried several times to correct the ears, but I can never get them right, so I’m just going to delete the current ones, remake them, and save a copy of the ear for modifications.

Oh, and as for the SSS Skin thread… Don’t worry, I most definitely have been following that. :smiley:

There is always perspective distortion in a photo so if you are modeling in orthographic view especially for organic models you will find distortions creeping into your model. the trick is to map your photos onto planes and model in perspective view. From the 3d view header you should be able to adjust the angle of your 3d view camera.

I started modeling cars which one can do quiet well in orthographic view and carried this over to my organic modeling only recently did I find out that for organic models its better if you are working in perspective. This is how traditional sculptors usually work with both eyes open and looking at there work in perspective.