Header for site about packaging

Hello I’m new here and i want to show you my work. This is header for site about packaging


What do you thing about this?

Maybe some color would make it a bit more appealing, but good job with the modeling.
Actually nevermind about the first bit about color, it seems that this goes well with the site color scheme. Visited the site after I commented.

excelent, would be great if you can shar emodels on BlenderSwap :slight_smile:

Looks great! Very slick, I like it!

Firstly, I would like you to know that subtlety is an art, and a rare one, so a big congrats for not trying to steal the site over.

I feel the image needs a focus, as it’s kinda hard to look at; I would speak to the site owners and ask them to consider layering their logo on top of your image, as I think that would work really well :slight_smile:

Thirdly, rendering. I think your image looks awesome, and quite realistic, some light reflection mapping might make the bottles look more like they’re in a real environment.

Due to the lack of textures etcetera it’s harder to make it look realistic, so you’ve done a very good job, and I hate to suggest it on such a simple scene, but you could try an external renderer, I have cycles in mind for this particular task.

Finally, some pastel blues on some of the bottles might work, or having a couple that have the same colour as the logo, equally, it may not… try it out :slight_smile: