Headless Bikeman


This is a remake of an old project from last year. 3D work done in Blender Cycles, post processing done in Gimp.
Entire work time ~ 40h
Render time (500 samples) ~ 2h
I hope you guys like it, if you have any questions just ask https://e.deviantart.net/emoticons/s/smile.gif

Old AO:


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This is so amazing! I love his clothes and rusty bike, but I cannot imagine how can he holds his pumpkin-head this way, without dropping it :smiley: It kinda reminds me books I’ve read in childhood.

:smiley: spot the differences :wink:

much better… after almost a year… so happy birthday Bikeman!

Thread: The Headless Bikeman

Awesome!!! I wish I could make something like this.

@burnin I actually wanted to redo this project for his halloween birthday xD
@Harpyja Thank you :slight_smile: And to answer your question, maybe he glued his head to his hand so he wouldn’t loose it ^^

AO render

I really like it

Overall a great image, but the bike needs work.

I’m a cycling addict but I could probably kick the habit if I had to ride that thing!

The chain and sprockets are totally off and the fenders are awful.

Great work on the clothing.

@signguy Thanks, I’ll probably go back and work on the bike some more then :slight_smile:

Wow, this looks amazing :eek:
The bike looks a lot better in the new version and the details in this are incredible. I wish I was this good. I somehow think that he may have been an extreme biker a long time ago and somehow got his head chopped off and then came back to fulfill his unfinished stunt xD
Anyway great work and congrats to getting featured in the top row :slight_smile:

I have to agree.
Not that I could make anything as awesome as this.
I’d also add the figure is too stiff or rigid.
It needs a little more in the pose.
A slightly bent back more bend in the knee.
Very amazing work in any case.

@Jellie Thank you so much
@catcat Thank you for your feedback, you’re probably right. In my next project I will try to achieve a more dynamic pose :slight_smile:

Very nice, for some reason it gives me some slight Marvel’s Ghost Rider vibes… Maybe he changed his motorcycle into a more environmental friendly version.

This brings back awful memories of my 1st paid project “Night of the Headless Horseman”. If you want nightmares look it up. Your visuals are head and shoulders above anything we ever produced!

Thanks a lot @scottmcc and @sawduster
And yes, protecting nature (I mean he kinda is partly a plant) is very important for him and his health xD.

Good composition, but I feel like the rust is a little too saturated. It’s almost distractingly orange. Otherwise I love it!

Thank you @crowdthefactory
I’ll watch out for that in my next project :slight_smile:

Excellent Model but it seems that is is hard for me to see where the “head” is supposed to me. Other than that wonderful job

I’m getting a suicide squad/reaper vibe with this one. I love the twist by having him on a bicycle. Menacing on a schwinn!

Thank you @Munno101 and @simonbar50. @Monno101, you are right, that is a composition problem that this image has. I will watch out for a clearer composition in my next project :slight_smile: