Headless knight

It’s soon halloween so I thought I should make a halloween model. So I decided to make the headless knight. Do you think he should have a pumpkin, instead of the head, or nothing. It’s your decision.
Here he are without pumpkin:
And here he are with a the pumpkin:
I am going to give him a black armor, add more details to him and enviroment, going to give him hands and two arms and maybe have him ride on a horse. Why do his shadow have that strange form?

Changed the lighting and gave him another arm and hands. Oh I forgot to tell you I haven’t made anything under the armor so it may seem like the armor flies but I am going to add a body under the armor.

Here’s another update. I’ve changed the colors of the armor to black (the white was just supposed to show charactair better), I’ve done a body under the armor, gave him a belt ( gonna give him a sword to the belt), changed some other material settings too.

Is this model so good that nothin’ can be better?

I have quite a few crits on the model - don’t worry about no replies, I often get that.
Right, first of all change the material - black materials are very hard to see detail on. Instead, make it a dark grey (0.2 all round RGB). Also, make it slightly reflective and lower the specularity. At the moment it looks like plastic.
Secondly, you need more detail. Try googling for references on medieval armour, a bit of searching should get some moderately good results.
The pumpkin reduces the fear factor, I am glad you dropped that.
Apart from those crits, it is not bad but needs some work.

I’ve done the changes Z-axis wanted me to do. And I have removed the pumpkin.
And I do have a reference image. Here it is:
I think that my model is pretty detailed, but I can do more details. I’ve only worked with it in two days and it have already turned out this well. In my first post I wrote that he maybe would ride on a horse later, but I think it’s hard to make a horse and I’ve never done a horse before. So do anyone know a tutorial on how to make a horse?

Not many people seems intrested in this project and I think that is bad. If you don’t give me c&c I think that it is a perfect model or no one is intrested. I ain’t happy with the model so please comitt it.

More Details! Add rims to his plate armor, little nails, get him scratched. make a sheath. There’s lots of things this guy needs.

I am adding more details now. But I ain’t sure what you mean with nails do you screws or nails that you have on the fingers. If you mean screws did they had screws on armors and if you mean fingernails I can’t add that cause he is going to wear a sweater made of metalrings. Don’t know what it’s called in english but on swedish it is called ‘ringbrynja’.

Well it is pretty obvious you are swedish. A sweater made of metal rings is called “chain mail”.

I made him more masculin, added some details and textured the grass. I am going to do some more details but I thought I should show you. What do ya think? I wanna add a sword but don’t see any good place for it and the belt that it’s sit on. Where do you think I should set it?

Wow what a big interest it is in my model (Irony). Tell me what you think. What I should add and what I should remove. Don’t hestitate to give me c&c.

Good work overall. But he looks like he could be a bit more buff. Thicker chest and abdominal area mostly.

Not much interest today either. Here’s another update.
Forget what I wrote here. I think he is finnished. I think I post it in the finnished projects soon. If you wanna objects do that now or be forever quite.

Now I post him in the finnished projects section.

I think the pose looks rather awkward, and he lacks a texture (I don’t know if you plan to give him one). Apart from that, it is looking good! Perhaps some sort of faint cloud where the head would be might make it seem more like there is a ghost? Or even some sort of headgear hovering in midair, although that might make it seem more “Suit of armour in the middle of nowhere” than ghost.
Anyway, it looks good so far!

I suck at making heads. And if I would make a helmet for him it would be a helmet that covers his head completly.

I think you could work more on his shoulder pads (is that the word? axelskydd in swedish). They look pretty thin at the moment, like they wouldn’t protect him. I do also think that he would look much better when posed. A litle more interesting lightning would be great too.
And for the background, instead of just making a bunch of quick towers you could use an image (or both image and castle maby).

I don’t mean that this is a bad pic, so don’t be sad becouce of all the criticism, but all pic’s could improve.

Are you swedish too vidar? What should I add to the castle do you think vidar? And what is more interesting light? Lighter? Darker? I am going to give him a better pose later I think.

Yeah, I’m swedish :smiley: ! I think there’s pretty many swedish people here actually.
The castle could do with some windows (or just arrow slits) an door and maby some more variation in the texture.
And as I said, I thik a ggod bckground bic could realy mae it look better. Try googling some (or just use http://www.personal.psu.edu/users/k/c/kcy104/landscape%203.jpg ).
Mroe interesting lightning would IMO not be to just make it brighter/darker but adding more lights an variations (also try using AO… And add shadows ;). Here’s a tut for you: http://www.geocities.com/blengine/lighting.html in case you haven’t done it.