Headphone Plugs

This is my last work, rendered with Yafaray


Very nicely done on the TRS Jacks !

Nice, but needs much better lighting…too dark.

Btw for some reason they look huge. This might just be to do with the scale of the wood texture.

They look like 1/4" plugs (the ones you use fore electric guitar and stuff) but the also look great! Keep it up!

it looks good, but compared to the jack itself the rest seems a bit small (cables and “the body”). i just checked my gear and the cable is actually thicker than the jack.

what was your reason to use yafaray?

You need DOF, that will make em look smaller
Great job so far!

The cables look more like rubber hoses than wires,you’ve bended them too mutch.The jacks are awesome though :smiley:

well, they’re 6.1 mm jacks, right? the size seems pretty spot on.
good work.

Is there any reason you chose to render with yafaray? I have nothing against it, but it looks like you could achieve similar or better results with the internal.

ao is better now in 2.5 try it ^^ nice render :smiley:

Like what was said, it looks like a 1/4" jack like those in guitar cables but I have some headphones that use them too. With my experience the cables with those are usually a little more stiff. You should also make it a little brighter. Otherwise it looks good, keep it up.

Well there are different kinds of jacks, but this one in particular is the “TS” jack as other jacks that have another ring on it are the TRS jack.