Headphones and Mp3 player

I love ambient occlusion. really helps. Anyway, please tell me what you think.

that looks fantastic man. i love the wire, very well done

Ughhhhhhhh…That’s a picture! LOL, very nice job on this one man! I totally love it.

Very good for BI , but i don’t like the camera angle, you need it closer to show the detail.

Excellent, absolutely! I too love ambient occlusion, I can’t understand the gripe some people have with it or against its use. Kudos hon!

Rachel hugs :slight_smile:

Maybe the MP3 player needs to be bigger so you can see that its an MP3 player? Otherwise, very well done.

Looks sweet, my only crits are: the wire should be longer (about 50cm?) and the shadows are a bit sharp, other than that good stuff!

Nice, but not photorealistic. A few things to improve:

  • The foam pads around the ears look like they’re made of solid grey plastic, which wouldn’t be too comfortable
  • The cord is a little on theshort side
  • The camera angle isn’t very effective, a lower angle would be better IMO. Also, you could use this to get the detail of the MP3 Player while keeping everything in the image.
  • The lighting looks like it’s from a single light source, this might sound realistic but the result is really sharp shadows. Try area lights and multi-point lighting rigs for more realism.
  • The plug on the headphone cable looks short of detail, they usually havea few slots and stuff to allow it to flex.
  • Your plastic materials on the headphones could use a little tweaking specularity and texture wise.

Nice work so far though. Keep it up.