Headphones in 3ds max


Im new to this forum (and to modeling).

Im trying to render the headphones in the images and would appriciate any c&cs… So far its mostly experimenting.



I think you did pretty well for being NEW to modelling. But you havn’t really explained clearly. You did these in 3DSM, and you rendered in Blender, Correct?

To the critique.

The UV mapping on the side of the cushion that is closest to the camera, is bad. It distorts the texture heavily and degrades the image. After fixing that, make a simple bump map to increase realism and to give more to look at in the image.

Secondly, use reflection, as opposed to spec. Spec is unrealistic by it’s very nature. A simple replacement to true reflection from lightly coloured objects. It works well sometimes, but other times it is terrible. (Warning : Increases rendertimes, sometimes ten fold. Only do it when you have time for test renders.)

The modelling is fantastic, can’t find any fault here. Although you may wanna look back over some parts to make sure that they are perfect. For example the sliders, they look a bit out of place where they are.

I saw now you mentioned a render called blender and noticed this forum is called blenderartist. I used V-Ray 1.5 so i might be in the wrong place, but your advice is helpful anyway, Ill try them out and see what happens. It was rendered in 3ds max 2009 and the model was built in Rhino and exportedthis as IGES.

Haha Blender is an opensource 3D modeling program not necessarily just a renderer, this site is called Blenderartists because it’s filled with artists that use Blender as a modeling software among other things as well, if you look at the gallery or finished projects, everything there is created in Blender and rendered in Blender or other external renderers.

Ooops… Anyway, i followed the advice and i think they helped so im leaving a render behinde me ;)…

thanks wefyb


I really like the chrome parts. Leather also looks good.

However, the sliders on the inside look a little weird to me.

But overall nice model. Keep it up!

although this is good for a first modelling thing or something, he has stated it was made in 3Ds Max, which means its not even blender at all…so shouldnt this be in the off topic forum? I mean, this is called Blenderartists for a Reason…

@Evil Moon MOose - The artist uses Blender in some way, so it’s fine. I mix 3ds max and Blender all the time at work.

@johann - Welcome to the forums! This might be personal taste a bit, but I think I prefer the colours/lighting of the first image. The main thing though is that a lot of the definition / details on the ear padding shows up nicer in the first render. If they were a bit more reflective again then that would bring the details back. For a final image are you planning to do a little scene? At the very least, resting them on a stand or even a flat plane would help ground it as an object instead of floating in space. Coming along well though for sure. :slight_smile:

they stated above they didnt use blender at ALL…they didnt even know what blender was?..they thought it was a rendering program…so honestly, do you really think they used blender at all?

Read the other posts and you will come to the same thing…they even state that it was modeled in a different program and RENDERED in 3Ds Max

It was rendered in 3ds max 2009 and the model was built in Rhino and exportedthis as IGES.

Moon moose is kinda right… Anyway he said that he is leaving. Maybe some day he will come back and use Blender when his Student trial or whatever runs out for 3DSM?

yeah I hope so, maybe then he will have some actual blender art to show :smiley:

My bad, didn’t read carefully enough.

johann go to this forums :


http://www.3dtotal.com/ (recomended)

Moderator close this thread pls!

This it is a forum for users using Blender3d the program found at www.blender.org .

I thought this thread had naturally run it’s course anyway, but whatever. It’s closed now.