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you got really there, about to photo-real.


I’m not sure I’d go that far, but it is very good. A couple of things that could be improved are: the AO shadows are both very soft (obviously) and very dark, which dont really go well together. Try rendering the AO out as a separate pass and just dialling it it in gradually till it looks right. Secondly some depth of field would look good, but make it subtle. Thirdly, seriously tone down the chromatic abberation (lens distortion), if that was a real life photo I’d throw my camera lens away. I think I remember someone saying, lens distortion is the new lens flare.

Sorry to sound harsh, but the modelling is great so I’d like to see you get a better image out of your work.

Yeah that turned out being a lot stronger than I meant it to be… I thought that 0.05 would be low enough but I guess not… :frowning:

Thank you:rolleyes:

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Very nice modeling.

I have to agree that you went a little overboard with the lens distortion, but you made some great decisions with the colors in post pro.

your welcome.

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Ok, lens distortion is a bit too much but… how could you obtain that? :smiley:
is obtained via compositor?

Beautiful model though!

You use the node editor for the lens distortion, but never set it about 0.01 (this was 0.05 and I thout it was low enough when I put it in) for large pieces.

And what was up with the site yesterday? I couldnt get on all day, did the servers go down or something?