Hi every one !

Here’s just an image I’ve done today.
That’s not a project nor a part of a project. That was just for the fun of using blender a few hours :slight_smile:

I tried to make a simple model looks realistic with a good light.

The rendering took 2h13 with 1000 samples. Cycles are magic! :smiley:

I think I’m going to make a little animation of it.

Thanks for Watching!

Very nice!

Thanks!! :smiley:

simple but very nice! Love the composition, the angle and how you applied DOF here.


Very good!

I have those exact headphones on my desk right now, or at least they are almost identical. If they are the same as mine, then you could add some radial anisotriopy to the silver disc on the back of each ear piece.

Looks awsome, nice lighting

You’ve unmasked me… We have exactly the same headphones… :smiley:
I tried to set the radial anisotropic reflections, but not with success… can’t get something I liked. So I just let it go…

I bet I can guess which phone you have too :wink:

I can’t remember with which phone I had these headphones… Think it was with the Nexus 4 :smiley:

btw, here’s the video :

I tried to make it look realistic so I also made a little sound track. :smiley:

wow! incredibly realistic! only the plug looks a bit small but WOW!

The headphones look very realistic and so does the floor.
Just a quick animation tip: in addition to the nice “hand-shake” camera movement, I think that, if the DOF distance would be randomized a bit, it could look better.

They look great, you should look for work in product visualization!

Thanks for the tip! I did use that for my first animation, but I didn’t think of it for this one. Thanks! :smiley:

Hi Matt! Here’s a test with a radial anisotropy, but I’m not very proud of it. I can’t get something I like… :no:

very nice! keep it up!