heads and.. stuff >_<

Alright, this is the place for stuff I’d like to show off, but that does not qualify as a real project. Be it for fun, practise or what ever. Hopefully no one will be offended by this thread. :smiley:



starting off…




well, worked on the last one a bit.

  • made the overall shape more slim (maybe not the best idea ever)
  • moved eyes around a bit… some day I might even be able to model a pair out… yay
  • slightly wider nose
  • once again avoided making ears ;>
  • and ofcourse added all the weird stuff to the head-gear

must be around the 7th hour now (across multiple sessions ofcourse)

not totally sure what it is… heh some artificial entity?
kinda made the stuff up on the fly. not a good idea. :stuck_out_tongue:
(overall pretty generic and it feels very ‘inspired by’. just can’t recall from what)


some additional views

and a front wire if someone likes to gaze upon some bad topology ^^

I think im done with this one…

Haha nice try.
Her cheekbone is too outward. Other tahn that then its great.
keep it up.

Thanks… I guess. :slight_smile:
yea the dreaded cheek bone… might try to fix it a bit… mhm

started a new head.
this time I used a reference… badly. :smiley:
no likeness at all, except for the fact that it looks like a head. at least i hope it does. :stuck_out_tongue:
well not much to say. just some dude…

around 3 hours so far… and that’s all I got. :o

whee it’s me again! :stuck_out_tongue:
with an update for the latest head…

  • gave him ears, wooh! and they suck. -_-’
  • tried to fix the overall shap a tiny bit
  • corrected ( I hope ) the jaw line
  • set in the chin and mouth area a bit
  • and some poly tossing here and there

hour 4 passed…


test render
wire (frontview)

so… I guess next I have to try to improve those ears and then try to give him some eyes. :eek:

Hey the_nr,
your heads are lookin really good.I would really like to know how you made your eyelids.
a few crits:
firstly the forehead seems to extend a bit too far and possibly dim down the cheek bones a bit.

secondly maybe the ears could be angled a tiny bit more to the front and I’m not sure of the look you are going for but the neck is too thin for my liking.

“small” update… -_-’

  • tweak tweak tweak… without good results. :mad:
  • fiddled with forehead, cheek and ear as suggested… no luck it seems
  • worked on eyes
  • got pissed
  • lost track of time




blah… I hate heads. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks ^^
hum… Well I have no clue what good eyelids look like. >
But I can certainly show what mine look like ;>

normal view
subsurf view

wooh, I’m back! :stuck_out_tongue:
and i brought a new head! … exciting eh? :slight_smile:

just started… couple hours in already, though… going slow.
I guess that’s what you get for not modelling at all in over a week! :eek:

had a pretty clear picture in my head…
then somewhere on the way the idea of making him look like some comic style flashed my mind…
overpronounced chin/jaw line, brows and the weird nose… and I kinda… lost him ;).
I’m not too happy with him. oh well… will see.



practise, practise, practise… blah ^^

update, update! wooh! apparently talks to himself here :stuck_out_tongue:

have to work on the eyes soon-ish…
so far just some quick loops to keep the shape together…

since the ear didn’t turn out that great, I convinced myself that it’s
more simplified to go with the slightly stylized propotions of the rest.
So far that works great… :p.

Oh well can’t see all the things that need fixing atm,
need fresh eyes tomorrow or so. :]

BEHOLD! or not…

3/4-ish view thingy

wire (this time from the side, funky!)

Nice hero dude,thingy, whatever
sum crits to keep u going:
the eyebrow place looks a bit too pronounced while the nose needs to be a little bit bigger although the bump on the nose in side veiw is a bit too big.

Yea, I worked on the browline, but something’s still odd…
elongated the nose a tiny bit… but I like the bump too much to tune it down. :smiley:
he has (crappy) eyes now and i tweaked the ears a bit…

here he is again :stuck_out_tongue:

yea… I did notice the artifects…
though my main approach to rendering is turning on AO and hoping that it looks ok… so I wouldn’t even know where to start in trying to fix that. ^^


I think I move on to the next now.
I slowly feel like getting closer to some sort of a decent workflow… :slight_smile:

well, new one…
different approach, 4h…

<blah blah blah>




had once again some fun with one of the sculpting builds and an old base mesh.(from a project I should be working on right now! :rolleyes:) As far as crashing can be fun - anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: But I like where this tool is heading very much! Though, as you can see, I’m still not very good at using it right. :smiley:

(if you have no idea what I’m talking about, you might want to head over to the sculpt thingy thread)

nice work i wish i could model like u do you make these for a living because you are pritty good at it

P.S could you make a tut on modelling heads plz i need them bad

Sorry, I wasn’t expecting a reply in here.
Thanks, and no I don’t.

And regarding a tutorial, I have to let you down. I am really not a good source for a structured method of modeling in any way what so ever - yet anyway. Compared to so many people out there, I know nothing about what I’m doing here.

I’d say: Just use a lot of reference material to get started.
Also research anatomy and topology. The first being the why of things and the letter the how.

You are just modelling away arent you! Very nice heads!
I specially like your noses, I always find noses very difficult to model.
But his ears needs a little more work. :wink:
Your heads look very living and realistic, I really like them.

Man… bad, bad, lazy me.
Working on a new head… heh something different this time.


Will Hopefully end up as a finished portrait shot at some point.

heh, well… I was in the mood for some more animal-humanoid heads, nothing too fancy yet in terms of detail/material though. :]


Not yet sure what to do with em. :smiley:

workin on something new ^^
goblin-ish :rolleyes: