Heads up to you blenderheads with subdomain names.

I can’t stand it when people advertise, but seriously some things should just be known. eurodns.com is registering users 20 free domain names under the .BE register. Although it is for a year, it would be great for you blender heads that need a home, that is if you have DNS hosting services. So far its worked great with me and they even have a number to call incase a problem should arise, and behold they actually answer the phone!


.us domains are like $3 a year, hosting is much more of an issue than a domain name

oh, ok… I was just thinking that many of the signatures have long domain names and I thought this could be a viable solution. Its still free for a year, free is free.

You joined the forum just to say that?

it could be he is someone else that registered a new name so they wouldnt be made fun of.

none the less this is pretty useless…

Nope, sorry.

none the less this is pretty useless…

It’s useless, and it’s in off-topic, so it’s okay.

I’ve been a lurker for over 2 years and I thought that some of you have been complaining about wanting free stuff specificly in the internet hosting deparment…bla… I thought this community nicer then this, maybe a maturity check would be handy. Now I understand you all to be little kiddies in hidden dark rooms.

Thanks for your kind comment and welcome to Elysiun.

If you’ve been lurking for 2 years, you sure saw that most of the time this community is nicer then this. If you think we are all little kiddies in hidden dark rooms, then you sure isn’t better if you never felt the need to register and reply to some threads in 2 years.
It’s give-give rule. Be nice and we will, too.
If you have complains about that, pm a mod/admin.