Heads Up

Yes, I am still working on my Luggage project. Well, no, I guess I’m not, but I will be soon. I kinda got sidetracked for a month playing my electric guitar. I need to do something small to get back into blender. Small projects are better for me because they allow me to put a lot more detail into my work, because I devote less time to the big picture, and more to the small one.

Anyway, this will be a coin being flipped into the air, with some slow-mo matrix style camera action, then falling back into the hand and being slapped onto the back of the other hand. The camera will do a dive bomber thing like its diving into a wishing well, and it will end up close up on the quarter heads up on the back of the hand. This might end up bein my logo for my movies.

Here are the hands I will use. The black streaks are from the lighting.



And here’s the quarter. The lighting isn’t good, but I’m not worried about it yet.


The quarter isn’t done, but the hands are. Well, no they aren’t. Nothing’s done really. I just wanted to get what I had out here for suggestions. Thanks.

I tweaked everything a little bit. I rigged the hands, and I started the animation. I’m fairly satisfied with what I have so far for the little amount of time I spent on it. I still haven’t bothered with the lighting, and just ignore the other hand floating in the background.

Click here to watch Heads-Up

The hand looks very flat and not very hand like yet. You need to still teak the model. Look at your own hands and get the bumps right for it. There is a bump under the pinkey palmside, that you don’t have in your model.

Thanks, womball. I will be going back and tweaking the hand mesh after I finish the animation. Here are two renders of the animation. They are both low quality wmvs. The first one is a render of the hands and coin with AO, and the second is a render of the hands with the basic environment w/o AO.

Click here to watch heads-up8

Click here to watch heads-up9

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Your timing is way to slow. Like the action, but you need to tweak your acceleration and decceleration (sic) so you a gradual speed up and gradual slow down. Basically you need to tweek your spacing. And add an extra keyframe for a subtle bounce.

Thanks, again. The coin flipping itself is actually exactly the way I wanted it. That aspect isn’t supposed to be true to life and physics. Everything is supposed to slow down, then speed back up. It will make more sense when the soundtrack is added. But I wanted the quarter to be kinda alive in a way, like its dancing. Graceful - that’s the word I’m looking for.

But as for the hand itself, I agree it needs work. I will speed that up a little, but not too much. I want to keep the same overall feeling, if that makes any sense.

EDIT : I might make the sun visible for a longer period of time to put more emphasis on the glare effect.

Did more work with the environment. I think the flowers are too bright. This is again a low quality WMV without AO. But I rendered this one with motion blur. If anyone has any suggestion on how to better this project, please share it. Thank you.

Click here to watch headsup12

I’ve had this finshed since like October 27, but I never got around to posting it. Here’s the video:


…and here’s the image: