Headsculpt 2

Here is my second serious attempt at sculpting a head in Blender. It was supposed to look like a certain actress/model but I don’t quite get there. Guesses are welcome. I’d say that it looks like a person but not the intended person. By the way, I am so happy with sculpting in Blender compared to ZBrush. I bought ZBrush core to try out ZBrush but I hate it. The whole concept with calling the models tools is just so backwards and Core is a quite useless program with very limited export capabilities. So if you have critique and comments, Bring it on!

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not bad as a 2nd attimpt at all actually,
great anatomy and shading skills
i would just say that , humen faces no matter how muscle thy are thy still rounded, so i would say the edges of the ofrhead are so edgy ,thy eyes are too samall and far from each others compaird to the nose bridge
also the ears checks and botom lips looks to sharp sharp and grungy maybe smooth thim a little
but other than that i think its greatly beautiful

Thanks, much appreciated. The second attempt was much better than the first but it is so difficult to learn to see what is wrong and not just that it is wrong. Feedback really helps a lot.

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yeah, in my opinion not anyone is good at sculpting and you can see that in my attimpt to sculpt

but for you as a 2nd attimpt , you seems like you have the skills :slight_smile:

i got to say actually, i never know who did you tryd to replecate , is it the girl from the tv show alise

He he, no. Alias-Jennifer Garner was the first attempt, maybe there was some bleed over. I’ll wait a bit and see if I get more guesses before I tell.

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I checked out your Artstation. Impressive. You are doing very cartoonish sculpts. I guess they come with their own issues to make them expressive but that is not my ambition at the moment.

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all of thim are actually box modeled, only 2 heads where sculpted, the 2 red vampires ,
i am not very good at sculpting, but i like stylized models