Headstation smokestack


Hey, very nice work. Awesome textures, and the birds add a nice feel to the image. My only crit is that the smoke does not seem any closer to the camera than the sky, if you know what I mean.

Excellent work, G_Taurus. The mood and perspective is perfect.

Five stars from me.


Sweet. That’s it. Great is all you can say. Actually, blenditall was right, the smoke looks flat, like cloud distance, still though, everything else is well done enough that you can’t really tell.

Aahh… great Pic.
I really like the Lighting and the sky. How did you make the smoke?
5 Stars

Great image! I had to retouch it with 2d soft. Did you, did you? :stuck_out_tongue:

great work, man! 5 stars

very good high quality work… like many of your previous posts !!!
now… will you start writing some tutorials :wink:

Wow. Five stars.

beautiful work.

wow, thats some of the best smoke i’ve seen with blender. 5 T’s! :ba: :ba: :ba: :ba: :ba:
edit: this looks like a gallery piece to me.

very nice dude, good to see people who can model…unlike me…I’m a bit jealous…plotting stealing skills…lol…sorry…i have wierd replies when people model well:o

Realy nice combination of 3d and matepainting.

Allthough I don’t get the title this picture is great. Very dense mood. Automatically puts me into the time of worldwar 2, somewhere in france, into some resitace army mission. Don’t know why. The clouds and the smoke definitely add to it.
Very nice!



The colours, the mood, it’s all excellent. I can’t see anything wrong with this at all.

Excellent work! Other than what people have said above, I think the brick might appear just a bit flat, and the ladder loses a bit of realism near the bottom, but it’s still quite nice!

Excellent smoke and clouds. Are they painted or rendered? The wisp of smoke you have near the bottom that curves around the smokestack is nice; and the way you control the values and color throughout the piece is amazing.