(crow) #1

i have no clue where to start to make one, any knowledge would help =o)

i have looked at a couple games hotdog vs. toaster and blaster(bouncing ball shooting other balls)

the hotdog one i could not even find the energy bars in to look at and the other was so complicated following the links back was quite hard.

(OTO) #2

Add a Plane to an Overlayed scene at the place you want your health bar
Later, you can refine it!
Make a little scale animation with the mesh, let’s say 10 frames! At frame 10 the bar is at the maximum ------------------- and at frame 1 the bar is short –

Now in the main scene select the object that will “carry” the bar and add a Ex: a collision Sensor linked to a Message actuator with a “life” name in the subject field.

Now in the bar scene, add a Int property to the Plane object and name it “bar”
Add a Message Sensor with “life” in the subject field linked to a Property Actuator - Add- prop:bar value -1
Add a Property Sensor - changed -prop: bar , linked to a Ipo Actuator - Property- prop: bar

This way when the main “object” collides with whatever, the life bar will decrease …i hope

Is this clear??

(crow) #3

alright all this i understand, but i have no clue about overlaying a scene, i tried Pooba’s way on his site(

but the bar still wont show on the main game screen

i added an aways sensor -and-Scene overlay a scene
the only thing on the overlay scene i have is the plane i use for the bar

alright i tried the above setting it to an empty instead and in the DOS window i get WARNING Scene 1.001(overlay screen) Already exists, not added

(jeotero) #4

is it textured :slight_smile:

(crow) #5

yes it is textured i still get the Warning Scene already exists, not added

(shibbydude) #6

I prefer powerbars :slight_smile:

(jeotero) #7

post the scene so i can check it out and help you

(Pooba) #8


Here’s an example i cooked up:

It sticks in an overlay scene which has the health bar. (Warning, can be adicting :wink: )


(crow) #9

i got it figuired out now, thanx Pooba. i just did not have a camera in the overlay scene, cuz i figuired its overlaying it to a scene with a camera