Healthy Gums & Pointy Teeth

From my blog:

Again inspired by the students’ production (revolving a scene inside a shark’s mouth), I did another quick test in Blender. My goal wasn’t to recreate the shark’s mouth, but more to focus on materials, lighting and other settings to achieve a satisfying and convincing result.
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In a scene like this different factors need to be considered; from the light sources (mainly coming from 1 side) to characteristics of materials (teeth and gums) to other real life effects (like Depth of Field).

Below I broke it down to the more important factors and passes I used for this simple test scene.

No ray tracing was used for this image.

Nice! Thanks for the breakdown too, the SSS does make a big difference. A weird thing though, is that the gums remind me of orange skin instead of flesh.

i like it.

Nice, great stuff.

I like it too, the gums especially really give me the idea of softness (not sure a shark has soft gums, BTW…). Nice test, Sacha.

Some of the most realistic teeth I’ve ever seen in Blender.

You seem to be a master of realistic materials without using raytracing.

For some strange reason, this makes me hungry. :spin::slight_smile:

Thanks all. The SSS indeed makes a big difference, but a decent lighting setup is important with this too. Definitely worth looking into more.

@EnV, hope you’re doing good. And gh!!

Indeed, lighting setup is always important…which makes me wonder…can you show some screen shots of it? :slight_smile: