Hear goes nothing...

Well I feel quite dwarfed by the amount of talent hear but I don’t think this one is THAT bad. I still think it needs work. I used Alchemy for basic size and shape then used GIMP for shading and such. All C&C are greatly appreciated. Man… hear goes nothing… embarassment


The character’s pose is pretty flat. Usually it’s a good idea to show the character in such a way so as to convey depth, like with one arm pointing toward the camera, or shoulders twisted so one side is closer than the other, etc. Your guy is just standing perfectly symmetrical, with all his body on the same field of depth. Jeff Lew’s 3D animation DVD and Draw Comics the Marvel Way both cover how to do this well.

Also he takes up a bit too much of the frame. If there were some empty space up around his head the audience wouldn’t feel so constricted.

Tried the depth thing… not too sure whether it has worked out…