Heart and angel wings

I am working on something that came to me today in school.
Insperation: Me and my girlfriend broke up last night a relationship that lasted three months and i think this is were it came from…I love her to death though.

I was wondering if any one new a good way to make feathers like angel wings because thats what i was looking for to go on the wings or one wing a devil(for me) and the other an angel(for her). This meens alot to me cause im going to show it to her after i get done with it. If anyone could help me i could shurley appreciate it. I was just looking foor a good way to make feathers any way could be good. Im going to work on the wing bone part some to maybe redo the whole thing because i dont like the sculpting i did alot.
Thanks alot and i hope i actually get some help on this one!

I really wish some one could help me cause i want to get this done really good!

Possible idea from a newbie here on how to create feathers. Make a couple different individual feathers with a nurbs circle and then go fromthere adding them in. Also I would suggest to do it by hand and not use ctrl to have it snap to a grid. If they look to similar they may not look realistic.

Just my 2 cents.


PS if anyone does know a good way and has done wings before please do post.

alpha &texture-maped planes could do well for feathers too… :stuck_out_tongue: (even better if you have a bump or a normal-map for it too ;))

hmm, maybe this?

http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread?t=15476 :)?

maybe create feathers that way? (see pic at bottom of post)

I was wondering how you do the alpha thing cause i haven never done it before?
And thanks for the tutorials guys!And the help!