Heart, arrow, and a brick wall

(gyra5) #1

Here is a link to two test images I made for an animation I’m working on for a gameshow. The top one is a simple heart with an arrow going through it and the bottom on is the brick wall of a dark alleyway. I still need to model some sort of lighting structure for that one. Let me know what you think or if there’s any problems with the website, Thanks!


(S68) #2

Brick wall is cool

Heart too

arrow can be improved, where ‘tail’ meets the ‘body’ the junction looks like you have made two different intersecting meshes. You should try to make a smooth transition.


(Idgas) #3

I agree about the arrow. Also where the arrow comes out of the heart there should be some kind of rip or deformation of the heart. Not really sure how to explain it. Also try adding the reflection of the heart on to the chrome of the arrow. Nice work. I like the brick wall too. Did you model it or is it a .jpg on a plane?? Looks cool either way. :slight_smile:

(gyra5) #4

Thanks for the input. I did realize that there should be a defomation in the heart and I was going to fix it but I got caught up in making the brick wall. I’ll do something about it. Thanks for the suggestion to have the heart reflect in the arrow, I didn’t think of that! The brick wall texture I made by hand in GIMP. I used several grime maps that I have collected and just manipulated them until I got what I wanted. It’s actually three seperate maps. Diffuse, bump, and beauty. I made a spec map but I pretty much turned the spec off for the wall so I took it out. I’m going to be adding grafitti later so then I’ll have the spec map. Again, thanks for your input!