Heart beating animation

Hello, I need help with animation of heart beating. I have model but i’ve never worked with such difficult objects so it’s very hard to me to do it. I need it in educational aim, this model is a part of my project that should be shown to my instructor after tomorrow. So i need it till 19:00 CET.
Please help if someone interested in it.
1 cycle of heart should be 0.8 sec long
Blend file Hearth.blend (1.62 MB)
Examples https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaUS2AgVyOg


I have a method I think you can use and get reasonable results quite quickly.

After seeing your post, I made my own model of a heart (5 mins, model is much simpler than yours), added a basic armature and put in a few keyframes and I think it works well. I think you should be able to use the same approach with your more complicated model. A blend file and pdf description of my simple model is attached. I hope this helps!

Heart.pdf (190 KB)[ATTACH]


Heartbeat.blend (550 KB)