Heart Core

20191008_CoreGulom_Volumetrics.blend (2.1 MB)

Looking for ways to improve this render.

Thanks in advance.

Okay I want to help you

First of all the idea is good and modelling acceptable.

But someone barely can see and recognize the elements of this picture when it’s a big white mass. It’s very hard to distinguish the single elements of this picture . Use less global illuminations (like sun lights or world lights) and more direct lights which emphasize certain objects out of certain angles. Moreover search reference for colouring, watch videos about color theory. There are plenty of them, explaining common contrasts like complementary or so which enhance your picture really fast. If you could upload you .blend file (just search after upload .blend) I will try myself to improve lighting in this scene and maybe point out other mistakes :slight_smile:

Hi Marc,

Thank you for the critique. It hadn’t occurred to me that I could upload the actual .blend file. I have now attached the .blend file.

My primary learning goal of this exercise was messing with volumetrics, but I guess mastering lighting might be a more pressing issue.

Again, thanks :slight_smile: