Heart for Dinner

Here goes mi entry for past weekend’s challenge. I post it only with a slight DOF done with zblur.

Hope you all like it. C&C wellcome.


It’s nice.

Some things that would make it better IMO:

  1. Model an actual heart. Not the typical heart shape. A more realistic looking heart would make it look a lot better.
  2. Add more blood. Have blood running over the top of the heart and more drops on the plate.
  3. Make the blood more specular and the heart more specular. Also, make the blood slightly reflective.

Nicely done for what you have though.


hey, just 2 let u know, that link doesn’t work.

wow there too blood for me, my mother says to me that is to dangerous :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Beautifully done! I think the more realistic model would help. I disagree on adding more blood. I find the point of the illustration in the contrast of cruelty (someone had to loose his/her heart) and the clean and neat dish setting. It implies that the person ready to eat have never had a heart (other then for dinner). And oh, I met such :-?

Thanks for all your suggestions!!!
I’ve followed them, more or less, but for the “realityness” of the heart itself, wich I prefered to keep cartoony.
Here you have another update … near to an end.

Thank you.