Heart in Ice, I want more from it.

I have this very simple scene, it’s a Ruby Heart inside of a block of ice. I like the look of the Heart inside of the Ice, but I’m not sure what to do with the background. Any suggestions are welcome and do not be afraid to be harsh :slight_smile:

In my opinion the ice need to be more transparent, to see the heart better.

Like in this picture (brilliant reference I know :smiley: )

And it’s too small compared to the scene. The grey background is uninteresting, if you want to show only the heart in a simple way perhaps you can use a completely black background, the light ice and red heart will stand out.
I’m no expert at this, it’s only my opinion :slight_smile:

Took some of your advice, I tried to make the ice a bit more transparent in order to see the shape of the heart more and also increase its size. I tried to make the scene around it more interesting. This has not been edited on the compositor yet, going to fiddle around and see what looks nice.