Heart of the Machine (Gore warning)

I am bit unsure is it Ok to post very … artistic and wild (gory) images here. But here is something little i made after i had finished small baby model for my other works. I did some… well freemind modelling and it turned out pretty grim.

I wont post the image directly here if there are some of those get easily offended by violence. So this is your last chance to turn back. (ofcourse you wont because of your curious human nature).

It was very hastily (few hours of work) put together and lit / textured. I am mostly always after the artistic “setup” of the scene… but yeah… enought of chit chat. Below is the link to the pic.


Drop your thoughts … if you want.

ps. Remember that its just freemind modelling. So i dont like the concep of the pic either. But modelling sometimes is just letting your mind flow out freely.

Great idea. Some more work on the cyborg frame and textures would be nice :slight_smile:


I thought this might be something horrible that I didn’t want to see, but it wasn’t bad actually; quite artistic, even if it is slightly grim :slight_smile:

Just as a matter of curiosity, I’d love to see what you could do in terms of more beautiful, uplifting man/machine imagery. I always judge art by its ability to inspire and uplift, and also by the artist’s versatility, so the contrast to this would be very interesting :wink:



Very interesting. Yeah, try something that really contrasts for your next image :wink:

awww, shit… Man, i thought you meant blood and stuff… That’s terrible, but, i mean i guess its good art.
I’m sorry, i dont mean to degrade you. It really is a good piece, its just so disturbing. Again i apologize.

Yeah. .i just might. I think i’ll start right away…

Dont worry. It is horrible.

I think this is in bad taste, as you seem to be aware of. Even if this wasn’t a product of things hidden in your soul, but just the way it happened while you were doodling, I’d say it’s not something that I would admit being the creator of.

machine with sach a heart will be very…VERY angry! )
good job

Personally I think it needs a bit more guts hanging out. :wink: Not really as gory as advertised. Nice idea though(one thing I’ve learned about internet is that some people get offended by everything).
For a doodle it’s very nice. I’ll give you 3.5 stars… rounds up to 4.

Sounds like a challenge… i did few quick tests earlier today, but didnt work out yet. Still looking for good idea to hit me…

Also thanks for all who have dropped thoughts here. Comments on this pic will judge much will i post later “freemind models” i do (they will likely have gory elements).

thts gtitty, grim and painful…good work of art…

Okay here is the “Opposite” image. It contains no gore. I made it few hours ago and took few hours to put together. I tried to get “happy and innocent” feeling into it… but to me it looks like twisted somehow… dunno.


yah, the womans face is absolutely freaky. If you combined the two it would be great, like have the baby dying but the freaky robot enjoying its life.

cool images, baby powerd robots nice : P idd like to see more of the world thay inhabet, yep i can almost see it now matrix style cyberpunk slums with a sinister but butifull upper class, yep ur work is very thought provoking

this is interesting idea always to play with… horrible, but also very true… and it just gets worse and worse. :frowning:

about the machine, it definetely needs second pass on details. more complexity would make it more scary. it should be frightening even without the heart.


It is a really nice concept, and the lightning is perfect! When you see it first it’s not so gore but when you think about it later…