Heart of the Phoenix

Pure Photoshop.

C&C Appreciated.

EDIT: The colors may not look right. This is due to the fact that my monitor is a bitch to calibrate. I will try to fix them ASAP.

EDIT2: I hope that I have fixed it somewhat.

EDIT3: Even better this time!


wow, photoshop filters… very artistic[/sarcasm]

If you don’t have anything contsrtuctive to say, don’t say anything at all. Besides, just because I used filters doesn’t mean that it isn’t art. If you don’t like it, then say so, I don’t mind. But don’t cloak it behind sarcasm.

Cool work. The color is so vibrant–I feel a little overwhelmed when I look at it for too long. For some reason I keep thinking of candy :P.

Keep 'em coming!



The original was even more vibrant! I had to tone it down some to keep myself from going blind!

Beautiful colors…sets as wallpaper

i enjoy photoshop to i have one of my works with the subject listed as photoshop. I was wondering exactly how did you do that.

It’s pretty. Did you use filters?

I’ll answer two in one go:
I used the gradient tool set to Fg to Bg, and differential (something likethat) and made an assload of gradients going in all different directions, then I did a bunch of distortions, and ripples and twirls, then duplicated, set the top one to lighten, and changed the colors.

But it looks almost the same as your avatar… no no no nothing about this adds up at all. (Playing off Family Guy sort of humor)