well, look at this warm hearth:

( [>] copy+paste, sorry)

I made this to make the decicion to build a real one a bit more easy.

The hearth itsself needs a bit more details, but i don’t know what… :-?

When i have some time left, i’ll render one with AO

C+C please, for what i’ve done so far!

hey…looks good. the fire needs some randomness. it looks like its just going straight up, its too orderly. I don’t know if you used a tute with the fire but heres one thats pretty good:


I have never made fire myself, so i don’t know that much about it but I read this tute and it seemed really easy to follow.

Needs a new lighting setup, good job though. About the flames they look a little tall as well for their straightness.

Well, I found my time to render one with AO:


If i’ll find some time, I will update the scene…

C+C please